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Become a supporter of community radio in the Bay of Islands!

As a community radio station, our focus is local. We cover local news, provide a platform for local performers to showcase their talents, highlight cultural and artistic events, and also promote our region’s businesses at very affordable rates.

Our new 100.1 FM signal, launched in November 2017, encompasses Corner Brook and most of the surrounding communities, a total reach of approximately 25,000. Also broadcast via the web, our reach extends well beyond the Bay of Islands region.

Bay of Islands Radio is operated entirely by volunteers. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the support of the community. The impact of your support cannot be under-estimated, and we are pleased to offer several ways of recognizing your contribution to Bay of Islands Radio.


Why support community radio?

  • Our sponsorship packages are very affordable in price.
  • We participate in public broadcasts and support many local events in our community throughout the year,
    allowing our sponsors the widest exposure.
  • We promote local community events and notices for non-profit organizations.
  • We provide local information including local news and weather updates.
  • Diverse programming including multi-cultural, jazz, blues, talk, country, rock, pop, folk, etc. broadens our
    audience coverage.
  • Your money is going back into your community, helping us to further support local business.
  • Professional quality sponsor radio spots produced at Bay of Islands Radio


Get in touch!

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities on Bay of Islands Radio, please contact Terry Boland at (709) 632-9749, or Kody Gardner at (709) 640-3267. You may also e-mail


Individuals can also make donations by clicking here.

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