Beary Merry Christmas 2015

Beary Merry Christmas 2015
Release date
24 November 2015
Beary Merry Christmas 2015
24 November 2015 |

Recording of the 2015 Beary Merry Christmas Concert in support of the Corner Brook Firefighter Toy Drive, which took place on Tuesday, November 24 at the Corner Brook Arts & Culture Centre.

Performers include AcaBella (not in recording due to sound problems), Nick Hamlyn and the Mayhem, Kyleigh Brisson, Dylan Ruth, Jennifer Dawson-Hobbs, Emma Peckford, Brian McHugh, Dave McHugh, Keith Cormier, and Story at 11 (Mena Lodge).

Special thanks to Lou McDonald from the A&CC for assisting with audio.



  • December 15 at 8pm
  • December 17 at 4pm
  • December 22 at 8pm