Corner Brook State of Emergency – Media Conference

Corner Brook State of Emergency – Media Conference
Release date
13 January 2018
Corner Brook State of Emergency – Media Conference
13 January 2018 |

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City of Corner Brook Mayor Jim Parsons has declared a state of emergency for the City on January 13, 2018 due to heavy rainfall and snow melting, infrastructure damage, and an overwhelmed municipal drainage system. A media conference was held 7pm at city hall to provide an update on the situation.

“We are dealing with a very severe rainfall event,” said Mayor Jim Parsons, “All available personnel are working to try and mitigate further damage. For the time being, we ask residents to stay off the streets in affected areas, if possible and stay safe.”

All available personnel are working on the issues to try and resolve as soon as possible.

The City is asking residents to consider safety during this time, please:
•   Stay off the roads and sidewalks
•   Stay away from all Brooks and Streams as all of them are running fast and are a safety concern
•   All riverbanks may be unstable, please avoid being near them
•   Stay safely inside: ask family members and pets to stay away from rushing street water and main street bridge
•   Contact 9-1-1 in an emergency
•   Only contact the 24/7 Customer Service Line: 709-637-1666 to relay urgent information