Bay of Islands Radio submits CRTC FM license application

Written by on February 27, 2016

Nautel VS300

Nautel VS300 transmitter

FM community radio one step closer to becoming reality in the Bay of Islands

After approximately six years of Internet streaming, Bay of Islands Radio has submitted a license application to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which would allow the station to be heard on the FM radio band. The CRTC is a government organization responsible for regulating broadcasting in Canada, along with Industry Canada.

The proposed station will transmit on 100.1 MHz at a power of 50 watts; enough power to cover the City of Corner Brook and some of the surrounding communities in the Bay of Islands. In order to start broadcasting on the FM band we not only need a license, but also several crucial pieces of equipment to actually transmit the signal over-the-air. The required apparatus includes a transmitter, antenna, and coaxial cable. All together, the total cost is approximately $11,000. As a non-profit organization, Bay of Islands Radio must fundraise these funds and have the equipment operating not more than one year after the license is approved. The licensing approval process usually varies in time, however most decisions on new licenses for community radio stations are usually made within 7-9 months.

We are confident that the CRTC will see the value in having a community radio station serving the Bay of Islands area, and hope to serve you in the near future on 100.1 FM!

Further updates can be found here, or on the CRTC website.



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