Corner Brook Water Treatment Plant to go on-line today

Written by on February 12, 2015

image001The City of Corner Brook wishes to announce that the final phase of start-up of the new Water Treatment Plant will occur today. The new plant will supply treated water to Corner Brook, Massey Drive and Mount Moriah from the single water source at Trout Pond.  The supply of treated water to the distribution system will be brought on-line in two phases, first supplying the existing Corner Brook/Massey Drive system and as a second phase supplying the Curling/Sunnyslope/Mount Moriah areas. Refer to diagram “A” for a map showing the areas in the two phases. The existing Curling water supply system which currently supplies the Curling, Sunnyslope Drive and Mount Moriah areas is to be decommissioned following successful start-up and commissioning of the new plant and transmission system.

Construction of the plant began in the fall of 2012 and is now complete and commissioning of all plant components has been ongoing for the past several months. The City has hired three certified water treatment plant operators who have been preparing for start-up and operation and will be responsible for the day to day running of the plant.  Water processed through the plant during commissioning has been tested and confirmed to meet design parameters and all systems have been confirmed to be working according to their design.  Throughout this process all water processed through the plant was either spilled or sent to sewer with none being sent to the distribution system.

Ongoing plant operation will include regular testing at a certified laboratory as well as frequent testing at the plant. During the initial start-up phases, there will be enhanced testing at the plant and throughout the City’s distribution system.

During the start-up phase some fluctuation in the water system should be expected as the treated water advances through the system.Residents are cautioned that, while the safety of water quality will be maintained and monitored at all times, periods of discoloration, changes in water pressure, or other variability in the water appearance may occur in the short term as the distribution system adjusts to the new supply.  Note that due to the size of the system and varying flow rates, it may take several days for water treated at the plant to reach all the homes on the system.

The Department of Environment and Conservation in partnership with municipal governments monitors source and tap water quality of public water supplies on a regular basis. The collected data is used to ensure compliance with the “Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality” and to take appropriate measures to address emerging drinking water quality issues. The data is provided to the public on a regular basis through the following web page:

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