Event info
Time: 12:00 am

Bring school supplies to block the bus and help some less fortunate school children in our area. There will also be a BBQ and face painting.

Most Commonly asked for items or unique items include:

* Wooden pencils

* White erasers

* Crayons

* Washable markers

* Glue sticks

* 1” binders

* White glue (bottles)

* Non-coiled exercise books

* Rulers with mm and cm markings

* Highlighters (most common color being asked for is yellow)

* Metal bladed scissors

* Pencil cases (not a box)

* Pencil sharpeners

* Packages of loose leaf 100 count

* Coloring leads

* Pens

* Protractors

* Graph paper 100 count

* Geometry set

* Calculator

* Scientific calculator

* Duo tangs (in varied colors including red, blue, yellow, black, green, purple, white, and orange)

* Report covers

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