“Possible Connections between the Decline of the Witch-Hunts in Seventeenth-Century Europe and the Dawn of the Enlightenment”

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Time: 12:00 am

The Corner Brook Museum and Archives Presents:

“Possible Connections between the Decline of the Witch-Hunts in Seventeenth-Century Europe and the Dawn of the Enlightenment” A public talk by Dr. Edwin Bezzina.

This presentation will explore the factors in the decline of the witch-hunts in later seventeenth-
century Europe, with a particular focus on the French context. Specifically, the presentation will explore the changes in thought concerning witchcraft and the idea of the witch as well as changes in judicial practice. Then, connections will be drawn between this development and the gestation and emergence of Enlightenment thought, especially the critique of religious fanaticism and the abuse of state power. Dr. Bezzina will draw upon his recent research in the archives in France and the Netherlands, especially pertaining to the impact of a trial of a priest falsely accused and executed for using witchcraft to facilitate the demonic possession of an Ursuline convent, an infamous case known as the Grandier Affair.

Dr. Edwin Bezzina teaches European History at the Grenfell Campus. He obtained his doctorate at the University of Toronto and continues to publish and do research in his main area of  Protestant-Catholic relations in sixteenth and seventeenth-century France. He has written about the French Protestant refugee community in Amsterdam in this period and is also pursuing a project on a refugee author who settled in this city in the later seventeenth century.

This event will take place on March 15th, 2016 at 7:30pm. Pay-as-you wish donations to the Museum are welcomed. Not suitable for younger children. For more information please call (709) 634-2518 or e-mail info@cornerbrookmuseum.ca

Location: The Corner Brook Museum and Archives at 2 West Street.

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