Help Bay of Islands Radio begin broadcasting on FM radio in the Corner Brook area! In order to broadcast over the public airways, a transmitter and antenna system is required. With a low power license from Industry Canada/CRTC, allowing us to broadcast at 50 watts, this FM signal would cover the entire City of Corner Brook, as well as some surrounding communities with room for further expansion into the Bay of Islands in the future. Unfortunately, this equipment comes at a significant cost, and we are relying on the donations from both individuals and businesses to help reach our goal, as well as from our fundraising events. Approximately $15,000 is needed to purchase the equipment required to transmit our signal.

This equipment would enable us to deliver quality, accessible community radio programming. Unlike our current operation which is limited to the internet, this equipment allows us to transmit on the FM band which can be received using a regular household or car radio.

If you would like to arrange a donation, please e-mail, call 709-640-3267, or use the donation button above. We also provide sponsorship opportunities for local businesses.



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Nautel VS300 FM broadcast transmitter – $8500

FM broadcast antenna – $1000

Emergency Alert System (required by CRTC) – $2800

Coaxial cable and other parts – $1000

So, what does this all mean?

Everything starts in the studio, where audio is fed and mixed through our broadcast console. Through a studio-transmitter link (STL), on-air audio from the studio reaches the transmitter site, and is then sent through an audio processor to give listeners a consistent, clean sound. The audio is then fed into the FM transmitter where it is modulated (in other words, converted into radio waves), then amplified and sent to an antenna, which emits the signal to be heard by radios. A coaxial cable connects the transmitter to the antenna.