RNC Halloween Safety Tips

Written by on October 31, 2014

On Friday, October 31, 2014, thousands of children in Newfoundland and Labrador will be trick or treating in various residential neighborhoods throughout RNC jurisdiction. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is asking parents, children and drivers to take extra precautions on Halloween night. To ensure a safe and Happy Halloween, the RNC would like to remind everyone of some simple and basic safety tips that will help protect all  Trick-or-Treaters:


Drivers are asked to reduce their speed significantly and use extra caution rnc logo

especially in residential areas. Children are very excited about this special day

and may rush back and forth between parked vehicles, so you must remain alert

Parents can ensure their children enjoy a pleasant and safe Halloween by:

• Encourage costumes that include face make-up and/or enlarge the eyes

on masks to ensure the child’s vision is not obstructed.

• Ensure children wear properly fitted costumes or clothing that is made of

bright or reflective materials. Reflective tape can also greatly increase visibility so

that they can easily be seen by motorists.

• Check all treats (at home) before a child is permitted to eat them. Only

allow children to eat candies and bars that are wrapped properly. Discard any

items that appear to be tampered with.

• Discuss the route that your children will take before leaving and make sure

they know what time you expect them to be home.

• Stop, Look and Listen before crossing the street and only cross at marked

designated pedestrian crossing areas.

• Go with a partner, group or responsible adult.

• Carry a flashlight and stay in well-lit areas.

• Visit only the front door of well-lit homes. Use walkways and driveways to

approach homes. Running across lawns and gardens can be dangerous when

hazards exist such as lawn furniture, steps and excavations.

• Never enter a home, apartment or a vehicle. Stay on the doorstep or

sidewalk while trick-or-treating.

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