RNC Issue Home Holiday Safety Advisory

Written by on December 16, 2014

rncmrThe Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is issuing a home holiday safety advisory to homeowners in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The following tips can help protect properties while homeowners are away for the holidays, for holiday socials or shopping; and make the difference between perpetrators considering your home to be an easy or difficult target.


Give your home the appearance of being occupied, by having lights on timers and

leaving the radio on. Arrange for a neighbor to check on your home and periodically

shovel your driveway, move any vehicles left at home and check the mail.

Never post on your Facebook profile when you will be away from your home.

Lock all doors and windows and secure any garage or shed on the property. If you have

an alarm system, set the alarm and ensure that the key holder will be available to

respond to the property if the alarm activates.

Ensure ladders and work tools are removed from the property. These items are

resources for criminals and could potentially be used to break into your home.

If you are travelling by vehicle and have a garage, load luggage into the car inside your

garage, as to not alert people you will be away.

Never hide keys outside, whether in a bush or under a welcome mat. It is recommended

to leave a key with a trusted neighbour.

If you can’t put your valuable and irreplaceable items in a safe or a safety deposit box,

try to remove them from plain view and hide them somewhere safe.

Report all suspicious activity in your community to the RNC.

The RNC would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season

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