City of Corner Brook Killick Place Storm System Update

Written by on August 29, 2014



The following is an update on the situation in the Killick Place area.

 The storm system that collapsed has undergone a preliminary examination and found to be part of a much larger system.  This storm pipe is in a City Right of Way and carries storm water from several streets above the area. There is also a waterdistribution pipe in the same Right of Way. Therefore the work to repair the problem is much more significant thanoriginally thought.  The City’s Engineering Division has been in contact with a local Consultant for the design and inspectionassociated with this repair and a proposal is expected soon.  It is the City’s intent to have the work completed in the fall 2014.

 In the interim, the area will be monitored to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians.  If residents have issues withwater flows in the area they are asked to contact the City’s Public Works Division for assistance at: 637-1596, or afterhours at 637-1666.

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