Corner Brook’s New Water Treatment Plant Offline

Written by on May 28, 2015

1017525_922226844494788_1383864564719705407_nThe City of Corner Brook wishes to advise residents that we had to temporarily take the water treatment plant off line on May 27, 2015 due to repair work being undertaken by a subcontractor to address a construction deficiency.  This work resulted in a small amount of repair compound making its way into the filter tanks.  The problem was discovered quickly and the plant was shut down immediately and switched over to the former system which we have maintained as a back-up system. The City wishes to reassure residents that at no time was the public at risk.

The subsequent clean-up of the filter tanks and testing of the treated water has taken longer than initially expected, so residents can expect to see discoloured water until the plant is put back into operation pending successful testing of the treated water.  In the meantime, the water currently supplied directly from the water supply at Trout Pond is being chlorinated as per the former procedure and remains very safe to drink.

City forces are expending every effort to get the plant back in operation.  City officials are in consultation with representatives of the provincial Department of Environment and will advise the public when the plant is back in operation.

The City ask the public for their patience and understanding.

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