Movies from Away presents “FIDO (2006)”

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Time: 12:00 am

FID02006Just in time for Hallowe’en, Films from Away is delirious to present “Fido,” a light-hearted romp about how good things can come from a zombie apocalypse. Timmy lives with his family in a world that appears to be somewhere in America in the 1950s, with its manicured lawns and well-groomed families. Except that his best friend is a 6-foot rotting zombie called Fido (played by Billy Connolly). Some kind of cosmic radiation has occurred that has caused the dead to rise, albeit with a new-found craving for human flesh. However, capitalism has come to the rescue, and a corporation called Zomcon has developed a containment device that will ease the cannibalistic urges of the zombies. “Fido” is a hilarious “boy and his zombie” movie for grown-ups. What begins as a small town story about a boy and his best friend becomes a biting satire about our world, the price of fear, and the rewards of risking love. Sometimes it takes a dead person to teach us what it means to be alive. All are welcome. Free. Zombies pay extra, unless they come with their handlers…






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