“Remembering the Great War”

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Time: 12:00 am

“Remembering the Great War” presented by Dr. Bonnie White

The Great War was a conflict that killed or wounded 37 million people, destroyed empires, transformed world politics, and instigated mass global mourning. For many, the trauma of the war was exacerbated by the apparent futility of the conflict. Although national identities may have been forged or reaffirmed, little was won and far too much was lost. How do we remember and commemorate a war that had an indelible impact on the world? Dr. White will examine how memory was constructed both during and after the war, how the Great War has been commemorated and remembered, and to what ends it has been commemorated.

Date/Time: Thursday, November 5th/7:30pm

Place: Corner Brook Museum at 2 West Street

Admission: Pay as you wish.

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