Grenfell Campus Films from Away series presents ““Teddy Bear” AS2026, Grenfell Thursday September 18, 2014

Written by on September 17, 2014

TeddybearThis week on Films from Away we feature “Teddy Bear,” a Danish film about competitive body-builder who is trying to bring some colour to his life. Unlucky in love (or maybe just lacking the necessary self-confidence), he lives in a drab house with his aging mother. On the suggestion of a relative, he lies to his mother about where he is going and he ends up in Pattaya, Thailand. The search for a female companion doesn’t go so well at first (and it shouldn’t, since this is a movie and it requires dramatic tension to keep our interest). But things unfold in seemingly-unexpected ways. The film shows the character of Dennis (the body-builder) slowly evolving and grasping at independence and love. The film won several awards at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. This may well be the best acting performance of a seriously-muscled actor that you’ll see all year, and beyond…!

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AS2026, Grenfell

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