Province-wide 911 to go online next week

Written by on February 27, 2015

Fire and Emergency Services-Newfoundland and Labrador reminds the public that the new province-wide Basic 911 service will be implemented next week. 911 will be available province-wide via landline, and is already available via cellular phone wherever a cellular signal can be accessed.

When the emergency 911 telephone service is fully implemented, a public notice will be issued indicating full activation of 911 throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. The following advice is provided in advance:

·       When calling 911, your call will be routed to a 911 call taking centre based on your location.

·       A live call taker will ask “Do you need police, fire or ambulance?” and “What community are you calling from?”

·       Remain calm and be prepared to give your information to the emergency responder once your call is transferred.

·       Stay on the line and follow instructions.

·       Listen carefully and speak clearly.

·       Know your locations (community or area you are in such as building, home address, landmarks, GPS coordinates, road exits/markers, etc.).

Individuals in areas with 911 service are asked to refrain from testing the service (i.e. calling and hanging up). Under theEmergency 911 Act, false, frivolous or vexatious calls to 911 are an offense with possible penalties of up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment upon conviction.

An official announcement regarding full implementation of the new emergency 911 telephone service will be made in the coming days.

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